100 XCD Blog:

Do you love technology? Have you always wanted to find out more? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This blog is all about giving tips and advice about technology as well as some cool facts about various elements of tech. The possibilities are endless with technology and it is always evolving in new and exciting ways. This blog hopes to bring you some clarity about aspects of tech that you may be confused with, because it is moving so quickly, and helo you to stay informed about vital technological features that are needed in the modern world.

Meet The Blogger:

The blogger behind 100 XCD is Rita Reyes, a technology enthusiast who loves to find out information about the next big thing. She has been obsessed with technology throughout her entire life and has even seen it change and develop right in front of her very eyes. Sometimes it’s easy to let tech pass you by but by following the advice from Rita you can easily be on your way to becoming a tech genius!

A bit more about Rita is that she is a website developer residing in the USA. She spends her time playing video games, catching up with friends, and having movie nights at home, this is when she isn’t working or attending webinars for new and improved technological advancements.

So, if this blog seems like something for you then get your thinking cap on and jump on board!