For most gamers and computer enthusiasts, a great monitor is essential for experiencing the best visuals possible. But finding the right monitor can be a daunting task. Consumers often do not know how to evaluate a monitor and therefore do not know whether they should choose one more expensive than another.

Apart from computer screens, gamers nowadays are making use of consoles like PS4 which can be integrated with a smart TV (the likes of which can be found at to enhance their gaming experience. While TVs are a great option too, some gaming enthusiasts might prefer the old-school PC gaming style. So, today we are going to try to give you a better understanding of what to look for in a monitor to help you make the best monitor choice. We will focus on some of the most popular monitors you can buy today and provide our top picks in our best gaming monitors under $300.

  • BenQ EL2870U

BenQ EL2870U, a 27-inch 4K HDR screen, a UHD resolution of 3840×2160, and a maximum brightness of 400nits at a 1000:1 contrast ratio. This is a massive improvement over the best achieved in the consumer space, and we’re hoping this new display can be the one to push 4K into the mainstream.

With a $300 budget, you can get a very nice monitor that will give you excellent performance. Now the monitor has become an essential part of our lives, especially for people who want to buy an HDTV to watch movies, do some gaming, or surf the Internet. The monitor should feel good for your eyes, and it should give you the best possible visual experience.

  • Gigabyte G27Q

Gigabyte’s G27Q is one of the best monitors for gaming on the market right now. It’s a budget-friendly option for users who aren’t looking to spend $500 on a 27-inch monitor. This monitor features a super-fast 144Hz refresh rate, which is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their favorite games. The G27Q also has AMD FreeSync technology so that the screen will be completely in sync with your PC’s graphics card.

The G27Q is a gaming monitor, an ultrawide monitor, and a monitor for high-end ultrawide gaming. The G27Q is not a monitor but a display that combines the best features of gaming monitors and ultrawide displays, making it a great choice for ultrawide gamers.

  • DELL Alienware AW2521HF

The Alienware AW2521HF is a great example of a product that went from practically invisible in the Windows 10 store to one of the best 3D gaming monitors around. In fact, the AW2521HF is so popular that it’s outselling the current champion, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ, 3 to 1. That’s right, and the Alienware is cheaper. With more powerful GPUs and more powerful CPUs coming out every year, the need for powerful graphics cards is growing.

The Alienware AW2521HF is a powerhouse with an Intel Core i5-6400 processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M graphics, and a 15.6-inch IPS display at 1920×1080. It may not be the ultimate gaming rig, but it’s a good value for a gamer on a budget.

  • Acer Nitro XF243Y

Acer’s new Nitro XF243Y monitor is a 24-inch gaming display with unusual features, including a bezel-less design and a slim bezel along the bottom. The monitor also uses IPS technology, so it has good viewing angles and vibrant colors. We reviewed a sample of the monitor and found it to be not as beautiful as the competition, but it’s still quite good and can be found for less than $300.

  • ASUS PA278QV

The ASUS PA278QV is a 27-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor that offers IPS technology for wide viewing angles and a response time of just 1ms. It also supports AMD FreeSync and has a range of input options, including DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and HDMI.

The 27-inch PA278QV is the second monitor in Asus’ ROG Swift PG27UQ lineup, and it brings with it a bevy of enhancements to compete with its predecessor, the Asus PG27AQ. The primary change is that the screen now refreshes at 100Hz, which is essential for high-end gaming – even at the 40-144 fps refresh rate. The more subtle updates include new Aura RGB lighting that can be controlled using the ROG Gaming Center app, as well as support for the the144Hz refresh rate – that’s twice as fast as the Asus PG27AQ, which means you’ll be able to achieve the higher game refresh rate without using G-Sync.

Like many people that work in the tech world, you probably spend a significant amount of time on your computer or laptop. The best gaming monitors that you can buy under $300 offer a great resolution, contrast, and color for all of your favorite games. And the best part is this: you can even play the latest AAA titles at 1080p and still enjoy great performance.


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